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to find the community’s top young track and field stars!

The JC, and athletics correspondent Brian Sacks, are back on the lookout for the community’s budding athletes. The JC Daniel Sacks Award for Outstanding Athletic Achievement recognises the performances over the year by UK Jewish athletes aged between 11 and 16. The purpose of the award is to encourage wider participation in athletics, and to keep alive the memory of Daniel Sacks, who loved the sport.

Each year there will be two new award winners, one boy, one girl - previous winners are not eligible. The award  winners will be chosen after the athletics season ends in September. Selection will be based on consistency over the season as well as on quality of performance. The winners will receive an engraved presentation shield to keep for a year, an engraved trophy to keep permanently, and a gift voucher.

But the scheme is more than about the winners. We aim to encourage participation in athletics - a sport that has an event for everyone - and to recognise participants on this website. So if we learn of your performances, which must be in properly adjudicated competitions such as Borough Championships and open athletics meetings, then we will record them
here, to be admired by all. (School sports day performances will not be considered). Also, if you send a photo, we will add it to our Athletes page..

The information we would like to know about athletes and performances is:
For each athlete: Name, Date of Birth, Sex, School and athletics club, if a member.
For each performance: Event (e.g. 800m), Performance (e.g. 2:20.5), Position, Venue, Meeting, Date.

These details should be available on the athlete’s page on
power of 10, so please refer us to that.

Send athlete and performance information as specified above to Brian Sacks at brianzsacks@gmail.com

Now get running, jumping and throwing!